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Starting in the area of Technology

As a cooperation partner of prestigious customers for whom we develop innovative products and solutions, we offer you stimulating development projects from a variety of hi-tech sectors and fields. Depending on the project specifications, you get to work as part of a team or independently, either in our branches or directly at customer sites. Each project introduces you to new technologies, processes and business cultures. This is a great opportunity for you to live out your enthusiasm for technology, expand your knowledge and gain more experience. In line with the varied nature of the fields in which we work, we can offer you many entry options within the MINT fields.

Your project and career assistance

You will be assigned a suitable project based on your qualifications and professional interests. From the very beginning, the focus will be on a comprehensive management concept. Your manager is your personal contact as well as your immediate supervisor and will assist you in your career path at ALTEN. In discussions held in regular meetings, you will not only address the progress of the project, but also your wellbeing and your personal growth. Annual meetings will be held to get together to review the progress made in the previous year and to set goals for the next year. We offer particularly challenging projects to experienced technical specialists and top- level managers who were already involved in different engineering projects and have demonstrated commitment and passion. This is where you can bring in your special know-how and your leadership personality.

Numerous MINT jobs

According to the diversity of our working areas, we offer you a wide range of career perspectives within the field of MINT.

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In addition to many entry points, we also offer our employees various benefits.

Discover why ALTEN is the right employer for you