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Comprehensive coverage

We know how important it is to be in the close vicinity of our clients if we are to find solutions quickly and efficiently. In addition to our in-depth knowledge of the sector and extensive product know how, it is geographical contiguity that ensures that we can provide effective services. It is for this reason that ALTEN is represented at locations throughout the whole of Germany. Our personnel are with you in no time and comprehensive communication and collaboration are thus ensured. Our business model offers great flexibility and many benefits.

Our locations

Map legend:

This map comprises all locations of the ALTEN Group in Germany and Austria. The locations of the companies ALTEN GmbH, ALTEN SW GmbH and ALTEN Austria GmbH, which activities and services are represented in this website, are listed under the name of ALTEN Group.

Additionally the locations of the ALTEN Technology GmbH, which provides the classic ALTEN service portfolio in northern Germany, are displayed. All companies, which specialize in a particular field within the group, are listed as ALTEN Solutions.


Join us and work on future-orientated development projects for prestigious customers from different high-tech sectors.

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We support customers from all major sectors of industry throughout the product development process.

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