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Milestones and Project Content

The Roadmap provides interested parties with a rough overview of the intended onward development of the ‘SR4Wheel’ Research and Development Project, and leads from the initial idea right up to the finished road vehicle, through all stages of production development. You can now read on about the aspects on which we are currently working, what hurdles we have already mastered, and what milestones are still to be achieved.

Project progress

48 %

01 Project Setup

02 Research and development of the ‘Evo 1’ gearless drive unit

03 Test bench construction-/ research into the drive unit

04 Project demonstrator

05 Research and development of the 2-quadrant actuators

06 Software development for the eTCM

07 Onward research and development of the gearless drive unit ‘Evo 2’

08 Onward research and development of the project demonstrators

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