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Energy- and Plant-engineering

Irrespective of whether you are using conventional, nuclear or regenerative energy – we will plan, manage and develop an individual solution for you. As consultant, problem-solver and supporter, we will always provide for safety, environmental protection and cost-effectiveness.

Basic & Detail Engineering

  • Machine and process technologies
  • Electrical and digital technology
  • Preliminary layout
  • Piping plans (PDS/PDMS)
  • Civil engineering, steel and commercial construction
  • Electrical, measuring, control and regulation technology (EMSR)
  • Turbine development

Project Management

  • Project administration and coordination
  • Contract, change and quality management
  • Deadline and cost management
  • Construction and assembly management
  • Risk management

Technical Documentation

  • Development of individual documentation concepts
  • Advice on all aspects of documentation preparation
  • Preparation and processing of project documentation
  • Preparation and processing of product and operating manuals
  • Standardised design and illustration of manuals
  • Updating of manuals
  • Modification of documentation to comply with recent guidelines and regulations

1 group. 1,000 opportunities for entry.

Possibilities to start working with ALTEN in an extensive range of fields and at every entry level.

Career at ALTEN